Date: 8/1/2018 12:00:00 AM

Title: Cattle Krush App now free for Iowa Cattlemen’s Association Members

The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association (ICA) and Performance Livestock Analytics (PLA) have partnered to bring Iowa’s cattle producers the Cattle Krush service for free.

Cattle Krush, one of the software programs created by the award-winning PLA team, helps cattle producers predict and capture profit opportunities.

Beef producers’ profit is determined by the price of feeder calves, the cost of gain, and the price received for the fed cattle. But those three prices are changing minute by minute in today’s fast-paced world. PLA’s Cattle Krush integrates all of the data and puts it in the palm of your hand.

Producers can use Cattle Krush at the auction house when buying calves, and the app will calculate the profitability of the lot, based on the auction price, grain prices, and cattle futures markets. Then, once calves are purchased, cattle producers can use the “My Lots” feature. The app alerts users when profit opportunities appear, at which point the feeder can contact their broker to lock in the profit.

PLA’s CEO Dane Kuper explains, “Our Cattle Krush App puts the key data already custom analyzed to the farmer’s unique situation into an easy to understand format on a 4G high-speed smartphone or tablet. It’s in the farmer’s hand whether he or she’s in the pickup, at the sale barn, or in the field. A desktop computer sitting in the farm office just isn’t convenient or timely enough. To succeed today, it has to be my farm’s data and current prices in my local markets. Our pop-up alerts help farmers pull the trigger before the target disappears.”

Cattle Krush, a $75/month value, is now available to Iowa Cattlemen’s Association members for free. “Our mission is to grow Iowa’s beef business through advocacy, leadership and education,” says ICA CEO Matt Deppe. “Our producers have told us, through surveys and listening sessions, that they want more information about cattle prices, marketing and profitability. Cattle Krush is going to fill that need and help our independent Iowa cattle producers improve their operations and profits.”

To take advantage of this offer, producers should visit and click on Cattle Krush, then enter the discount code “iacattle” at checkout. For questions about Cattle Krush, or PLA’s additional services, including Performance Beef, call (515) 337-2187.


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