Past Webinars: 

As the Asian longhorned tick (ALT) continues to spread throughout the U.S., it's imperative for Iowa cattlemen to be informed. Dr. Katy Martin provides an in-depth overview of the ALT, along with clinical signs, management and treatment options, and how to report findings.

Make the most  out of your pasture land through rotational grazing and maximize herd health by knowing mineral and supplementation requirements from Kent Feeds PhD Ruminant Nutritionist, Dr. Brandon Koch.

Hear panelists Corbitt Wall, Brad Kooima and Jordan Levi debate it out regarding price discovery, transparency, producer leverage and possible solutions in the fed cattle market.


  • Corbitt Wall, DV Auction Livestock Market Analyst
  • Brad Kooima, ICA Feedlot Council Member from Rock Valley, IA
  • Jordan Levi, NCBA Cattle Market Working Group Member

Interested in selling beef locally in your community? This webinar will provide the do's and don't from the perspective of a family who currently markets beef locally, the expert on rules and regulations from the Iowa Department of Agriculture and how the Iowa Beef Checkoff is helping to connect local beef suppliers with their Iowa Local Beef Directory. 


  • Jason & Kaitlyn Boyer, Cattle Producer from Weldon, IA 
  • Janis Hochstetler, HACCP & Labeling Coordinator, Iowa Dept. of Ag.
  • Dr. Terry Houser, ISU Extension Meat Specialist
  • Iowa Beef Industry Council - funded by the Iowa State Beef Checkoff Program