The Political Action Committee

The Iowa Cattlemen's Association Political Action Committee (PAC) is an effort to engage more ICA members and increase our associations' political participation. The value of having an ICA PAC is to provide support to candidates who value beef cattle production in Iowa and support our issues. The ICA PAC is governed by a committee of five ICA producer members from around the state who review requests and make recommendations for support.

Why give to the Political Action Committee?

  • ICA's PAC aids legislators and political candidates who committed to protecting our industry so that future generations can thrive on the family farm
  • Legislators who have been supported by the PAC see ICA as a partner in addressing cattle industry issues in Iowa
  • Gives the cattle industry access and visibility needed to have its voice heard at the Capitol
  • With the strength of ICA's members, we can make small steps to add up to something big
  • Your contribution will help Iowa cattlemen support those who support us!

Any level of contributions counts!

If you'd like to contribute to the ICA PAC, contact Cora Fox at the ICA office, or call 515-296-2266. Personal contributions only. Corporate checks are prohibited under Iowa law. Checks can be made to ICA PAC.