The Iowa Cattlemen's Association's mission is to grow Iowa's beef business through advocacy, leadership and education. Influencing legislative and regulatory topics affecting cattle producers is a top priority. Read on for more information about ICA's policies and priorities, and contact the association any time you have a policy question or concern.

Governor Kim Reynolds and Iowa Cattlemen's Association

Policy Priorities

ICA's policy priorities are determined by our members and vary depending on current and proposed legislation.

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Policy Development

ICA's policies are created by members, for members through a series of meetings and surveys annually.
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Policy Handbook

ICA policies provide the framework for ICA leaders and staff to enforce, improve or change legislation and programming to support Iowa's cattle producers.

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ICA Fact Sheets

Fact sheets are brief, easy-to-read documents focusing on specific topics such as Iowa's Fence Law, Green/Gold Tag Preconditioning Programs, and Environmental Regulations.
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ICA Political Action Committee

ICA's PAC supports candidates who value beef cattle production in Iowa and support our issues.

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Policy Staff

Cora Fox is ICA's Director of Government Relations. She works closely with members to surface policy issues and gather input. She also works with ICA's contract lobbyist and attorney to influence policy topics on behalf of our members.

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Legislative priorities

The Iowa Cattlemen's Association priorities are set by members and leaders at the annual Leadership Summit. Priorities are based on current and pending legislation and regulatory concerns.

A full listing of ICA policies can be found in the ICA Policy Book.

2024 State Policy Priorities

The issues outlined below represent the top policy priorities for the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association in 2024.

Climate & Sustainability
As the original stewards of the land, cattle producers have proven their dedication to protecting and preserving our natural resources. We affirm this longstanding commitment, and will continue to:

  • Encourage use of voluntary, evidence-based conservation practices to enhance soil health, reduce nutrient escape, and improve water quality;
  • Promote the value of incorporating managed livestock grazing on more acres;
  • Combat burdensome overreach at the local, state, and federal levels with regard to regulating livestock barns, changes to the Master Matrix, and county-specific ordinances; and
  • Oppose the regulation of greenhouse gases in the cattle industry.

Tax & Finance

Iowa cattlemen are business owners, and most operate family-owned enterprises. We will counter detrimental tax policy proposals that limit the ability of producers to stay in business or pass on their legacies to the next generation.

We will look for opportunities to reduce the tax burden on farmers and ranchers, and encourage the Iowa Legislature to reinstate the livestock capital gains deduction.

Access to capital through lending is a vital support for new and existing farm and ranch businesses. We oppose the use of greenhouse gas emissions targets to determine bank lending rates for farmers and ranchers.

Regulatory Action

Alternative Proteins

Real beef is often imitated, but never duplicated. Fair and accurate labeling will provide the transparency that consumers desire and deserve, without damaging the integrity of beef raised by cattle producers. We support clearly defining “beef” and “beef products,” while also limiting the terminology that may be used to define, promote, or sell plant-based or cultivated/lab-grown alternative proteins.

Furthermore, we oppose the use of taxpayer dollars to support research and development of cultivated/lab-grown alternative proteins.

Animal Health and Well-Being

Good animal health, care, production, and handling practices are essential to efficient and profitable livestock production. Arbitrary limitations created by special interest groups could result in significant economic damages to farm families and the state of Iowa. We oppose efforts by states to impose standards or conditions related to animal husbandry or welfare.

Additionally, we support the use of any approved and regulated vaccine technology that protects and/or improves the health and well-being of beef cattle.

Property Rights

The livelihoods of cattle producers in Iowa depend on the land. We will fight to protect private property rights, and oppose the use of eminent domain.

Other Priorities:

  • Advocating for increased competition and processing capacity in the beef meatpacking sector, particularly in Iowa;
  • Discouraging the purchase or acquisition of agricultural land by the government;
  • Enhancing restrictions on foreign ownership of agricultural land;
  • Prioritizing the preservation of agricultural land for grazing and livestock production; and
  • Upholding Iowa’s fence law.