Retained Ownership in Iowa

Iowa ranks fourth nationally in the number of cattle and calves on feed. Custom feeding is a big part of the Iowa cattle feeding industry and is the fastest growing segment. Custom feeding in Iowa has several advantages.

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These Iowa feedlots are nearly all owned and operated by on-site, hands-on farm families that have a wealth of experience in cattle feeding. These custom feedlots offer a wide range of services to help you decide where to feed your cattle.

Iowa is the best place to feed cattle when you add up the benefits - low feed costs, quality forages, ethanol co-products, access to feeder cattle, competitive markets and the personal touch of family-owned businesses.

Below is a list of feeders in Iowa that are professional with a full list of services available to investors and retained ownership clients.

2020-2021 Directory

A to Z Feeders

Contact: Gage Zellmer
Address: 56393 Highland Road
Atlantic, IA 50022
Phone: 712.249.3795
Fax: 712.243.3210
Email: [email protected]

3,000 head capacity
30 pens
80-160 head per pen

  • Mounds
  • Cement aprons
  • EPA approved
  • Certified Ultrasound Tech
  • Deep bedded monoslope building
  • Specialize in All Natural & Kobe markets
  • Real time feeding system
  • NHTC approved
  • Semi truck scale
  • BQA Certified

Brenton Brothers

Contact: William Brenton
Address: PO Box 190
Dallas Center, IA 50063
Phone: 515.992.3403
Email: [email protected]

4,500 head capacity
50 pens
20-240 head per pen

  • Sloping and mounded pens
  • Continuous flow waterers
  • Fenceline feed bunks
  • BQA Certified
  • EPA Approved

Glenora Feed Yard LLC

Contact: Bryan Sievers, Manager
Address: 26618 20th Avenue
Stockton, Iowa 52769
Phone: 563.340.6541
Email: [email protected]

4,800 head capacity*
* Permitted capacity: 4,800

Current Capacity: 2,444

80-160 head per pen

  • Monoslope buildings
  • Fenceline bunks
  • Concrete bedded pens with fans
  • Automatic heated waterers
  • Isolated hospital pens
  • Windbreaks
  • Slatted concrete aprons
  • Certified scale
  • DNR approved
  • EPA approved
  • Financing available
  • Computerized records
  • Consulting veterinarian
  • Consulting nutritionist

Gregory Feedlots, Inc.

Contact: David Trowbridge
Address: 1164 305th Avenue
Tabor, Iowa 51653
Phone: 712.625.2311
712.370.2205 (Cell)
Fax: 712.625.2321
Email: [email protected]

7,000 head capacity
60 pens

40-200 head per pen

  • Open lots
  • Mounds
  • Excellent drainage
  • BQA Certified

Grooters Feedlot

Contact: Dave Grooters
Address: 5720 300th St.
Sanborn, IA 51248
Phone: 712.348.1960
Email: [email protected]

2,500 head capacity
19 pens, various sizes
1,000 head dirt lot
1,500 head bedding packed barn

  • Nutritionist tracking
  • Source verified available
  • BQA certified
  • Sourcing and marketing available
  • Family owned

I-80 Custom Feedlot

Contact: Richard Cochran
Address: 2141 D Ave.
Ladora, Iowa 52251
Phone: 319.647.3487 | 319.521.1527
Fax: 319.647.3387
Email: [email protected]

850 head capacity

9 pens
50-160 head per pen
280 head confinement

  • Lots with building and mounds with 60% concrete floors
  • Consulting nutritionist
  •  Use of co-products

Lauritsen Cattle Co.

Contact: Clara, Ty or Scott Lauritsen
Address: 3015 Hwy 7
Exira, Iowa 50076
Phone: 712.304.4451 (Clara)
712.304.4449 (Ty)

5,000 head capacity
37 pens
70-200 head per pen

  • Full service, professionally fed cattle
  • All classes of cattle
  • Fenceline bunks, mounds, shades, sprinklers and windbreaks
  • Arrival pens, sick pens and hospital
  • Fully computerized
  • Retained, investor and percentage ownership experience

Schuiteman Feedlot

Contact: Joel Schuiteman
Address: 3828 Hickory Ave
Sioux Center, IA 51250
Phone: 712.441.4030
Email: [email protected]

4,000 head capacity
16 pens under roof (3200 head)
140-250 head per pen
6 pens outside (800 head)
150 head per pen

  • Monoslope
  • Deep bedded
  • Windbreaks
  • Concrete aprons
  • Mounds in dirt pens
  • BQA Certified
  • Source and Age verification available
  • Performance Beef Tracking

Silver Creek Feeders

Contact: Roger, Barrett, Kellin Chambers 
Address: 32665 Beechnut Road
Treynor, Iowa 51575
Phone: 402.680.5448 (Roger)
402.250.6985 (Barrett)
402.250.0641 (Kellin)
Fax: 712.487.3884
Email: [email protected]

4,500 head capacity
25 pens
75-200 head per pen
1,000 head confinement

  • High-quality, competitive feedstuffs
  • Individual carcass and performance data
  • Cattle and/or feed financing
  • Close proximity to numerous packers
  • BQA Certified

Triple C Livestock LLC

Contact: Heather Christensen
Address: 1186 240th St.
Eagle Grove, IA 50533
Phone: 515.293.0598
E-mail: [email protected]

400 head capacity

4 pens

  • Hoop buildings
  • Family owned
  • BQA Certified
  • Deep bedded
  • Feed Nutritionist

Werner Feed Efficiency

Contact: Joe Werner
Address: 1945 180th St.
Diagonal, IA 50845
Phone: 641.344.4926
Email: [email protected]

600 head capacity
25-400 head per pen

  • 400 head capacity in open ridge cap, deep bedded barn
  • 75 sq ft/head on concrete in barn, dirt exercise pens outside
  • 200 head capacity in dirt lots
  • Mounds16 foot concrete aprons
  • Custom feed intake testing
  • Test mostly seedstock bulls & heifers
  • Part of Iowa Cowmaker Elite
  • Low-stress cattle handling
  • BQA Certified

Become part of the Directory

The Iowa Cattlemen's Association is prepares an annual Iowa Custom Cattle Feeders Directory that is included in the Iowa Cattleman magazine. We want you to be part of it!

The ICCF directory is dedicated to promoting Iowa feedlots as the best place to feed cattle. Throughout the year, the ICA receives numerous phone calls in regard to the locations and services offered by Iowa custom feedlots. The directory is sent to everyone who requests the feedlots listing.

The ICA is working hard to help promote Iowa as a great place to custom-feed cattle. The advantages are obvious – Iowa grows the feed and has excellent and inexpensive co-products now available from a growing ethanol industry. Iowa’s hard- working farm families provide personal service and will share information, such as carcass data, with their customers. Iowa has many close-by processors interested in the high-quality cattle fed here. Many bankers and lenders in Iowa understand agriculture and are willing to work with custom feedlots.

The ICCF Directory is included in the August issue of the Iowa Cattleman magazine. The magazine is mailed to more than 10,000 ICA members and affiliated businesses. The directory is also distributed at ICA events such as the ICA booth at the Iowa State Fair, ICA district meetings each fall, the ICA Conferences and Iowa Beef Expo. In addition to this issue being available at the events mentioned, all information is listed on our Web site for easy access to those looking for custom feeding.

Costs to list your feedlot in the ICCF Directory is $150. For this issue we also give discounts on advertising in the Iowa Cattleman magazine. Watch for those specials! Don't miss this chance to reach thousands of potential clients and show your continued support for a steadily expanding segment of the beef industry – cattle feeding in Iowa!

Feel free to call the ICA office at 515-296-2266 if you have any questions about this program.