Iowa Cattlemen's Association Programs

ICA programs drive our mission: to grow Iowa's beef cattle business through advocacy, leadership, and education.

Bull Evaluation Program

ICA's seedstock performance tests serve the needs of seedstock and commercial producers. Bulls must meet strict selection criteria to be eligible for the ICA sales held across the state. The criteria are determined by ICA's Production Efficiency Committee. The top 90% of the evaluated bulls in each breed that meet the criteria earn ICA's 'Symbol of Excellence' and are sold at the sales in the spring.

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Carcass Challenge

The Carcass Challenge is an ongoing effort to demonstrate continuous industry-wide improvement within Iowa. As Iowa’s only statewide fed-beef competition, the ICA Carcass Challenge was created to:

  • Showcase Iowa’s beef cattle genetics, feedyard management, and modern technology.
  • Offer Iowa’s cattle industry a fun and competitive statewide fed-beef contest to highlight Iowa’s beef production advantages.
  • Provide leadership and learning opportunities through the Iowa Cattlemen's Leadership Program (ICLP).
  • Generate additional non-dues ICA revenue to grow Iowa’s beef business through advocacy, leadership and education.
Each November, steer-sponsors donate 750 lb. steer calves to compete in this prestigious Iowa fed-beef contest. Steers complete 190 days on feed to an average 1,425 to 1,450 lb., market-ready end point. Cash prizes and special awards are presented to contributors of the Top 10% of individual steers based on the “Retail Value per Day on Feed,” recognizing both feedyard performance and end carcass merit. Awards for outstanding individual carcass results will also be presented. Every effort is made to deliver maximum cattle efficiency, carcass value, and net revenue of all steers.


Cattle Krush

Cattle Krush, by Performance Livestock Analytics, is a marketing tool to help producers, lenders and commodity brokers to give them the insights needed to never miss profit opportunities.Within the application, there are five tools to help manage the buying and selling of your cattle. Cattle Krush is designed to assist producers by looking at the Chicago board of trade futures markets bringing in the feeder, live and corn prices, running them through an algorithm to provide profit opportunities."Auction Advisor" allows you to receive real-time profits per head based on the Chicago Board of Trade. This can be utilized in the auction house, online auctions or spot-buying. "My Lots" allows you to import the lots currently on feed to know exactly where you're at and watch for profit opportunities.


Cattle Theft Reward Program

A cash reward up to $5,000 will be paid for information resulting in the arrest and conviction of any person involved in the theft, mutilation or malicious killing of cattle owned by a member of the Iowa Cattlemen's Association (ICA). A cash reward up to $5,000 may also be paid for information resulting in the recovery of cattle stolen from a member of the ICA.


Custom Cattle Feeders Directory

Iowa is the best place to feed cattle when you add up the benefits - low feed costs, quality forages, ethanol co-products, access to feeder cattle, competitive markets, and the personal touch of family-owned businesses. The Custom Cattle Feeders Directors is a list of feeders in Iowa that are professional with a full list of services available to investors and retained ownership clients.


Market Reporting Service

The Market Reporting Service (MRS) is one of the nation's most respected sources of timely and accurate fed cattle market information and analysis. MRS was established by Nebraska Cattlemen (NC) in 1989, and ICA has been offering the service for 10 years to Iowa cattlemen.


Iowa Cattlemen's Leadership Program

The Iowa Cattlemen's Leadership Program (ICLP) consists of a series of educational sessions designed to develop leadership qualities in young cattle farmers. This program brought to you by Iowa Cattlemen's Association and Iowa Beef Industry Council intends to have action-packed agendas for each session that touch on key beef cattle industry topics as well as to enhance leadership skills. This program is supported by the Iowa Cattlemen's Foundation.