Hall of Fame

The Iowa Cattlemen's Association annually honors someone who has contributed a great deal of time and effort in promoting the beef cattle industry of Iowa.

Iowa has occupied a dominant position in the cattle industry. Ranking as a leading state in the number of cattle fed and in beef cow numbers, it is only fitting that some type of recognition will be made at the Iowa Cattle Industry Convention.

Please consider completing a nomination form for anyone your county has recognized in the past three to five years who has significantly had an impact on the industry. What better way to honor a valued member than to nominate them for the ICA Hall of Fame award?

Nominations are due to [email protected] by Nov. 1, 2023.

Please complete the nomination form online at the link below. If you'd prefer a hard copy, click here to download the nomination form that can be printed, filled out, and mailed in.

ed greiman, 2018 inductee

Grieman, from Garner, Iowa operates a cow/calf and feed lot operation with his family and has held positions in influential organizations and companies in the beef industry.

2018 Hall of Fame Inductee

The 2018 Hall of Fame inductee, Ed Greiman, has a long list of accomplishments. From operating a cow/calf and feedlot operation with his family to leading national conversations on important cattle industry topics, Greiman has helped to shape the cattle industry.

Throughout his career he has worked in various sectors of the industry, and held positions in some of the most influential organizations and companies in Iowa’s beef industry. His reputation for knowledge and leadership is recognized nationally.

Greiman’s work over the years has an incredible impact on the cattle industry. From 1998 to 2002, he worked for the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association. While on staff, Greiman filled a variety of roles including Membership Field Director for Northeast Iowa, Beef Quality Assurance Director, and Membership Services Director. As Beef Quality Assurance Director for the State, he provided resources and oversight for Source and Age Verifying cattle and feedlots for value based market with all packers. He also developed an electronic ID and source-verified program with Cargill, in order to educate producers on the value of their cattle and allow them access to carcass data.

After leaving ICA staff, Greiman served as the vice-president of Iowa Quality Beef Co-Op Packing Plant until 2005. As vice-president of the packing plant, he represented the interests of approximately 900 cattlemen who owned the Iowa Quality Beef packing plant and helped integrate fed cattle from Iowa into the McDonalds source verified program.

At NCBA, Greiman has served as chairman of the Cattle Marketing and International Trade police committee, chairman of the working group on Price Discovery and chairman of the CME Cattle Futures Volatility and Contract Design Working Group. He has consistently advocated on behalf of Iowa’s independent feedlot operators in all of these roles.

Greiman’s involvement in the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association is commendable. He has served as the Northwest Iowa Regional Vice-President for ICA, as well as president-elect and president. During his time in ICA leadership, he chaired the Iowa State Beef Checkoff Exploratory Group, which ultimately led to the successful referendum vote to reinstate the state checkoff in 2016. He also worked with a variety of partners to help develop the Iowa DNR Workplan Agreement for feedlots.

Greiman continues to take part in ICA’s feedlot council, NCBA working groups, and serves on Iowa State University’s Animal Science Department Advisory Board. He is also the manager of Upper Iowa Beef.

ICA Hall of Fame Inductees

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