The Iowa Cattlemen's Leadership Program (ICLP) consists of a series of educational sessions designed to develop leadership qualities in young cattle farmers. The Iowa Cattlemen's Association  intends to have action-packed agendas for each session that touch on key beef cattle industry topics as well as to enhance leadership skills.

The goal of the Iowa Cattlemen's Leadership Program (ICLP) is to train future leaders of Iowa's cattle industry. The program is an initial opportunity to be more active in the Iowa Cattlemen's Association, and perhaps fulfilling a future leadership role in ICA. ICLP participants are educated on the structure and function of the Iowa Cattlemen's Association. Participants undergo training and educational seminars to enhance their communications skills, strengthen their awareness of the legislative process, and diversify their knowledge of the Iowa and U.S. beef cattle industries.

ICLP participants will be expected to lead recruitment efforts for Iowa's premier fed beef competition, the ICA Carcass Challenge. This unique networking opportunity provides support for educational and leadership activities for Iowa cattlemen across the state.

ICA's ICLP graduates consistently take on new leadership roles within the industry, improve their own operations as a result of ICLP, and truly serve as ambassadors for the next generation of cattle producers.

Upcoming events

The ICLP group will meet six times throughout the year, each showing you an important sector of the beef industry. 

Sessions will be focused on the following topics: 

  • January - Introduction to Leadership, Beef Advocacy and Volunteerism 
  • February - Introduction to Government & Policy
  • June - Introduction to Risk Management & Finance | Carcass Challenge Banquet  
  • August - Introduction to Cattle Nutrition and Feeding 
  • November - Introduction to Beef Consumer Trends  
  • December - Leadership Summit

How to apply

The ICLP is a year-long program open to young cattlemen and women. Applicants should have completed their education and be working in cattle production or related industry. Participants may or may not be actively engaged in a beef operation, but should have a vested interest in the beef industry. Preference is given to applicants who are current members of the Iowa Cattlemen's Association.

ICA will cover the expenses of meals and hotel accommodations once the participants arrive to the session location thanks to program sponsors; however, the participants will need to cover their travel costs.

Applications are due Dec. 1.


To download a paper application CLICK HERE.

Please contact Tanner Lawton at 515-296-2266 or email [email protected] with any questions you may have regarding.