The Iowa Cattlemen's Association is proud to support nearly 8,000 members and 97 local county organizations.

Our Mission

Grow Iowa's beef cattle business through advocacy, leadership, and education.

Many Iowa cattle producers and related businesses go above and beyond base dues and make an additional investment in the future of Iowa’s beef industry through the ICA President’s Council, as a Friend of the Industry Booster, donating to the Carcass Challenge, or by investing their “Fair Share.”

Prime Partners

ICA Prime Partners are a cut above the rest. Established in 1987, this special group of select allied-industry companies, previously known as the President’s Council, are dedicated to the beef cattle industry. ICA Prime Partners makes an investment in the future of Iowa’s beef cattle industry.

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Friend of the Industry Boosters

Boosters are additional funds beyond Friend of the Industry membership given by county cattlemen’s associations, companies, and individuals who support the Iowa cattle industry beyond the basic membership level.

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Fair Share

Fair Share is an avenue for Iowa’s cattlemen to invest in the successful future of their cattle industry. Fair Share investment is 25¢ per head of operational capacity annually.


Carcass Challenge Donors

ICA's Carcass Challenge is an annual fed-cattle contest that also raises non-dues revenue for the association.

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Fair Share

Fair Share is an avenue for Iowa’s cattlemen to invest in the successful future of their cattle industry. Fair Share investment is 25¢ per head of operational capacity annually.

Why is Fair Share important and how does ICA use it?

It’s imperative that the cattle industry be at-the-ready to respond to any issues that challenge our way of life. Information and the way it’s shared has changed. Social media and digital  communications have enabled the general public to research and respond to issues quickly. The cattle business is increasingly impacted by these issues and it’s more important now than ever before, that ICA has the resources and tools to stand up on behalf of all Iowa cattlemen to preserve our livelihood.

Issues Response
Fair Share sets a place at the table for ICA regarding current and recent issues such as:
  • Price discovery and transparency in fed cattle markets
  • Increasing international trade
  • Preventing increased environmental regulations at the state level
  • Continuing to protect Iowa’s fence law
  • Fake meat

Example: In July, 2017, when an Iowa activist group pushed for revisions to the master matrix, the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association pushed back. Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement wanted to increase rules and regulations governing new livestock barns, but thanks to the investment of our members, ICA was able to effectively advocate on behalf of cattle producers. As attacks continue on Iowa agriculture, ICA will continue to defend your right to raise cattle in the state of Iowa.

Public Relations

ICA is committed to sharing the story of Iowa’s cattlemen and maintaining your freedom to operate. Our cattlemen are hardworking, caring family farmers who are proud of the safe, nutritious, quality food they raise, and we use social and traditional media to spread that message whenever possible.

Membership Awareness and Voice

When industry issues arise, ICA involves members to coordinate and communicate Iowa’s beef cattle industry response. Members are also encouraged to use their voice and provide comments to the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association on topics and issues important to them. Whether your input is given at a listening session, district meeting, through a survey or over the phone - ICA staff and leadership will attend meetings to relay Iowa cattlemen’s concerns on issues important to Iowa’s cattle producers.