ICA Staff

The Iowa Cattlemen's Association staff works with our member leaders to surface issues and influence rules and regulations that affect Iowa's cattle industry. Contact the Iowa Cattlemen's Association staff anytime you have a question or concern. 

Matt Deppe

Chief Executive Officer


Katie Olthoff

Senior Director of Membership and Communications


Cora Fox

Director of Government Relations


Adair Lents

Director of Industry Relations


Jennifer Carrico

Membership Coordinator


Lane Eads

Membership Coordinator


Tanner Lawton

Membership Coordinator


Jackie Ditsworth

Graphic Designer


Merle Witt

Membership Coordinator


Kate Fulk

Events Coordinator


Barbara Finch

Bookkeeper / Administrative Assistant


Kim Anderson

Receptionist & Membership Assistant


Mary Greiman

Iowa Cattlemen's Foundation


ICA Board of Directors and Staff

The Iowa Cattlemen's Association Board of Directors consists of 20 District Directors representing all 97 county organizations, as well as several Directors At-Large. Please contact the ICA office to get in touch with a board member.

ICA Board of Directors

Iowa Cattlemen's Association Executive Committee

President:  Dick Godfrey, Henderson
President-Elect: Bob Noble, Riceville
SW Regional Vice President: Justin Rowe, Dallas Center
NW Regional Vice President: Craig Moss, Hull
SE Regional Vice President: Doug Schroeder, Clarence
NE Regional Vice President: Rob Medberry, Volga
Associate Vice President: Tim Meyer, Harlan

Iowa Cattlemen's Association Board of Directors

District 1: Jon Tiedeman, Hull

District 2: Steve Biedenfeld, Peterson

District 3: David Laubenthal, Wesley

District 4: Mark DeVries, Sheffield

District 5: Brad Balsley, Floyd

District 6: Mark Putney, Elgin

District 7: Lynn Smith, Nemaha

District 8: Justin Robbins, Scranton 

District 9: Jeff Longnecker, Ames 

District 10: Scott Birker, Vinton 

District 11: Jason Kurt, Cascade 

District 12: Tim Graeve, Manilla 

District 13: Darrin Crawley, Guthrie Center 

District 14: Greg Bartelma, Runnell 

District 15: Dennis Clarahan, Harper 

District 16: Russ Cook, Mechanicsville 

District 17: Will Longinaker, Randolph 

District 18: Jeff Landrum, Lineville 

District 19: Duane Steenhoek, Chariton 

District 20: Dan Delaney, Fairfield

Directors At-Large

Beef Product Committee Chairman: Tom Hiler, Rockwell City
Business Issues Committee Chairman:
Cattle Production Committee Chairman: Mike Schwarck, Riceville
Cow-Calf Council Representative: Vacant
Feedlot Representative: Dustin Puhrmann, Paullina
Iowa Beef Breeds Council: Gale Van Aernam
Iowa Livestock Market Association Representative: Justin Shaben
Iowa Beef Council Representative: Mike Holden, Jefferson
Iowa Beef Center Representative: Daniel Loy, Ames
Iowa State University Representative: Dr. Dan Thomson, Ames
ICA Past President: David Trowbridge, Tabor