Recognizing stewards of the land

The Environmental Stewardship Award recognizes Iowa cattle producers in all segments of the industry whose natural resource stewardship practices protect the environment and contribute to productivity and profitability. The goal of the program is to demonstrate sound environmental practices that are successful production practices. Award recipients are chosen based upon the systems, methods and approaches used to enhance the environment. Examples include: increasing pasture stocking rates, controlling feedlot runoff, beneficial utilization of manure and effluent, erosion control practices, increasing and maintaining wildlife habitat, or other enhancements to the air, land, and water resources.

If you or someone you know are interested in participating in the ESAP award, review the application guidelines or contact the ICA office at 515-296-2266.

"Treat the land like a piece of borrowed equipment, return it in better shape than you received it."

 - Myron Guge

Eddy Stock Farm

2018 Environmental Stewardship Winner

Centerville, IA

The 2018 Iowa Cattlemen's Association Environmental Stewardship Award Program winner has always valued the land and the animals – livestock and wildlife – who depend on it. Son of a longtime soil and water district commissioner, Randy Eddy has been on the forefront of conservation measures for his whole life.

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SFI, Inc.

Nemaha, IA

In the heart of the Upper Raccoon River watershed, which provides the drinking water for Iowa’s largest city and state capital, Des Moines, Lynn Smith’s family settled outside of Nemaha in 1886.

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AJ & Kellie Blair

Dayton, IA

Most cattle producers incorporate conservation practices as an add-on to their operations, but AJ and Kellie Blair have taken a different approach.

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Glenn & Bev Rowe

Lorimor, IA

The physical distance between the first and current farm operations of the Rowes is short; just 50 miles. But if you look at the progression of the stewardship journey the Rowe's have taken, the distance seems much greater.

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Nichols Farms

Bridgewater, IA

Nichols Farms LTD of Bridgewater is a family operation managed by Dave Nichols, Phyllis Nichols and Llillian Nichols and covers Adair, Adams and Cass counties.

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Bittersweet Angus

Greenville, IA

A seedstock producer also puts his farm acres into commercial hay production. Greg Wood and his family, who farm near Greenville in Clay County, have chosen a farm management plan that is quite different from their neighbors.

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Werner Family Angus

Diagonal, IA

Erosion leaves scars on the land. Patience and planning are key skills that Jim and Ann Werner family apply to heal those scars.

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"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results" - Sir Winston Churchill

National Winners

Iowa has been a leader in environmental stewardship for many years and is honored to have three farms selected as the National Environmental Stewardship Award Winners.

Previous winners

2018 - Eddy Stock Farm, Randy & Denise Eddy, Centerville 
2017 - SFI Inc., Lynn & Joy and Seth & Etta Smith, Nemaha*
2016 - AJ & Kellie Blair, Dayton
2015 - Glenn & Bev Rowe, Lorimor*
2014 - Nichols Farms, Dave & Phyllis Nichols and Vivian Nichols, Bridgewater*
2012 - Bittersweet Angus, Greg, Lola and Chris Wood, Greenwood*
2011 - Werner Family Angus, Jim and Ann Werner & Family, Diagonal
2010 - Couser Cattle Company, Bill & Nancy Couser, Nevada**
2008 - Guge Farms, Mark and Norma Guge, Estherville*
2007 - Ohnemus Farms, Inc., Duane and Mary Jo Ohnemus, Milo
2006 - Clan Farms, Inc., Nick and Sue Hunt, Atlantic*
2005 - Faris Family Farms, Lee and the late Martha Faris, Mount Ayr*

2004 - White Family Farms, The Craig White Family, Estherville*
2003 - Spring Valley Farms, Dale and Karen Green, Castalia
2002 - Brad Z Ranch, Jim and Mary Bradford, Guthrie Center*
2001 - Iowa River Ranch, Dave and Diane Petty, Eldora**
2000 - Triple U Ranch, The Craig Utesch Family, Correctionville**
1999 - Amana Farms, John McGrath, Amana*
1998 - Greig and Co., John and Connie Greig, Estherville*
1997 - Lubben White Oak Farms, Dave and Lisa Lubben, Monticello*
1996 - Wiese and Son, Gene and Jean Wiese, Manning*
1995 - Oak Creek Farms, Dave and Connie Williams, Villisca*
1993 - Douglas Center Stock Farm, Ralph and Joyce Neill, Corning*