More alike than different

| November 2, 2022

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Today, Iowa cattleman Bill Couser and special guest, Judith de Vor, visited the Iowa Cattle Industry Headquarters.

Judith is a fifth generation dairy farmer from the Netherlands, currently visiting Iowa as part of her international travels as a Nuffield Farming Scholar. Both members of the Global Farmer Network, Bill and Judith have bonded over shared interest in livestock agriculture. Their desire to address the biggest challenges facing agriculture today brought them, quite literally, to the same table in Frankfurt, Germany, and now, Ames, Iowa. 

Throughout our conversation, we discussed similarities and differences in agricultural production and governance. We discussed the efficiencies within dairy and cattle production, and how we’re producing more with less. We also discussed how burdensome “red tape” stifles agricultural innovation. 

In a global marketplace, we are not insulated from the regulatory action of other nations. Conversations with producers from other states and countries help us to better understand the demand for agricultural production and the nuances of regional and universal issues. And if we take time to listen to one another, we’ll find that we’re more alike than different. Finding opportunities to sit at the same table is needed to develop solutions for the real problems facing farmers and ranchers in the United States, the Netherlands, and around the world.

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