Iowa Meat Integrity Bill Advances

| April 10, 2024

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Today, one of ICA’s top legislative priorities successfully passed out of the Iowa Senate. The Iowa Meat Integrity Bill (S.F. 2391) now heads to Gov. Kim Reynolds for her consideration to sign the bill into law. 

Led by Sen. Dawn Driscoll (SD-46) and Rep. Heather Hora (HD-92), the “meat” of this legislation protects against misbranding of fake meat products and keeps experimental, lab-grown protein out of supplemental nutrition programs and schools. This legislation was supported by policy developed by ICA members. 

“While lab-grown beef isn’t on the market yet, we know it’s only a matter of time,” said Driscoll. “Lab-grown chicken has already been approved by USDA. Our kids should not be fed science experiments grown in a Petri dish.” 

“As a top meat producing state, we needed to take a stand,” said Hora. “Lab-grown products are not the same as the high-quality meat raised by Iowa farm families.” 

ICA appreciates the leadership from the bill’s floor managers. Both legislators know firsthand the hard work put in each and every day by producers to bring nutritious, real meat to market. Our gratitude also extends to all of the legislators who voted to support real meat raised by real producers.