ICA Priority Passes Out of the Iowa Senate

| February 27, 2024

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Today, Sen. Dawn Driscoll (SD-46) championed the Iowa Meat Integrity Bill (S.F. 2391) on behalf of Iowa cattlemen on the floor of the Iowa Senate. This legislation protects against nefarious labeling of fake meat and keeps Petri dish-proteins out of supplemental nutrition programs and Iowa schools. The bill passed unanimously, 49-0, and is headed to the Iowa House for consideration.

Iowa farmers and ranchers work hard every day to bring nutritious, real meat to market. And despite their success in efficiently and sustainably raising beef for consumers around the world, meat alternatives continue to make headlines. Last June, USDA approved the sale of lab-grown chicken to consumers.

We’re not afraid of competition because we know nothing compares to an Iowa-raised ribeye. However, we are concerned about the decisions being made by bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., that will ultimately decide what foods are eligible to be served to Iowans in our schools or through supplemental nutrition programs. All Iowans deserve access to real meat, not experimental protein.

“Real beef is often imitated, but can never be duplicated,” said ICA President Rob Medberry. “And while the coattails of the beef cattle industry are long, we aren’t giving a free ride to companies that produce imitation products.” 

As the protein market expands to include new meat alternatives–plant-protein, insect-protein, and cell cultivated-protein–our labeling laws and regulations must adapt. “For far too long, states like California have been legislating for us. Today, Iowa takes a stand,” said Sen. Driscoll. “Consumers deserve to know how their food is made and understand that lab-grown products made in a bioreactor are not the same as the high-quality beef raised by farmers and ranchers.” Whether real meat or otherwise, consumers must be able to differentiate in the marketplace to make informed choices for their families.

The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association thanks members of the Iowa Senate for passing this legislation. We know there is strong support in the Iowa House, and hope to see the Iowa Meat Integrity Bill on the Governor’s desk in the near future.

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