Schroeder Angus

The Iowa Beef Breeds Council named Douglas and Glenda Schroeder of Clarence the 2016 Iowa Outstanding Seedstock Producer of the Year at the Iowa Cattle Industry Convention. The purpose of the Iowa Seedstock Producer award is to honor outstanding seedstock producers in the cattle industry each year.  Record keeping, industry participation and leadership, merchandising programs, and herd improvement are some of the areas essential to the seedstock industry and also criteria that go into the seedstock producer selection process.

For Doug and Glenda, a successful seedstock operation goes beyond genetics and sale results. It’s a way of life. Being involved in the seedstock industry for over 33 years, Doug and Glenda have had the opportunity to fine tune their operation and implement practices that add value to their cattle herd. Schroeder Angus is home to 125 Angus cows and over 1000 acres row crop, but it’s the Angus cows Doug and Glenda are especially passionate about.

Married in 1982, Doug and Glenda added to their cow herds by purchasing 5 bred cows from Sydenstricker Genetics, and together started Schroeder Angus. Over the years, Schroeder Angus has marketed bulls at the Denver National Western Bull Sale, Iowa Beef Expo, Eastern Iowa Angus Sale, and the Iowa Angus Bull Test Sale, as well as private treaty. For the Schroeders, quality is top priority. Using weights, ultrasound data, phenotype, feet structure measurements, and data from the National Breed Sire Summary, Schroeder Angus is able to effectively manage their herd and make genetically decisions that move their program in the right direction. The use of embryo transfer and recently in vitro fertilization has also helped Schroeder Angus advance their herd.  The result of this is producing exceptional seedstock, with bulls Schroeder’s New Look, Schroeder’s Direction, and Schroeder’s Precision all being involved in the National Sire Evaluation Program.

Doug and Glenda’s leadership is also seen through a variety of educational programs and breed associations. Doug served on the American Angus Association board from 2008 to 2014 and was chair of the Certified Angus Beef committee in 2014. While having served as the President of the Iowa Angus Association and Eastern Iowa Angus, Doug is now treasurer of the Cedar County Cattlemen’s Association and sits on the ICA board as cow calf representative. Glenda has served as president of the Iowa and Eastern Iowa Angus Auxiliary and currently serves as treasurer for the latter. Doug and Glenda were both Iowa Jr. Angus Advisers for 13 years and had the opportunity to be chairs of the 2000 and 2008 National Junior Angus Show.

When reflecting on past years, Doug and Glenda say they would do it all over again, and the same way. With their children and four grandchildren farming and owning cattle, it is easy to see the love of agriculture that has been passed to the next generation. Looking to the future, Doug and Glenda plan to use all the data “they can get their hands on” to produce better and more predictable cattle, and plan to start their own bull sale with their sons.  When asked what they most love about the seedstock industry, Doug and Glenda agree: “The most rewarding thing about the seedstock business is no matter what breed, it is the people you get to meet and the friendships that last forever."