Date: 10/11/2018 12:00:00 AM

Title: Field Day: Grazing Cover Crops in 60 in Rows

Increased Profitability in a Diversified Operation

Utilizing cover crops can bring tremendous added value to farm operations by providing additional grazing for livestock and improving soil quality. The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association Stewards of the Land and Sport Wade, Inc. will be hosting a field day on October 23rd showing how cover crops can benefit cattle producers.

The field day will feature topics such as: 60” row spacing and grazing to increase profitability, cover crop nutritional value and risks, as well as a soil health demonstration.

Lunch will be provided free for all in attendance and the USDA Risk Management Agency (RMA) will be on hand to answer any questions.

This event is open to the all interested parties, everyone is welcome to come. Registration will start at 11:30am with lunch follow to at noon.

Brian and Heather Kessel of Lamoni, IA will host the event. The Kessels have worked with Practical Farmers of Iowa to plant a test plot. In case of severe weather, the event will take place at the Lamoni Livestock Auction Barn.

Directions: From east side of the Lamoni Livestock Auction Barn, take gravel road (R30/150th ave/Smith Street) north approx. 2.6 miles. Entrance to the field is on the west side of the road.

Please RSVP to Linda Shumate, ICA Grazing Advisor, via email: or phone: 515-296-2266. For more information and details please visit our website at

There is no cost to attend the field day thanks to our sponsors including the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association Stewards of the Land, Practical Farmers of Iowa, and Sport Wade, Inc.

Lunch will be provided by American State Bank; Stardust Ag Aviation; Agronomic Solutions Inc.; Quick Ag Enterprise; Boswell Brothers Elevator; Continuum Ag, LLC; and Decatur County Corn Growers.



About the Iowa Cattlemen's Association: The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association represents nearly 10,000 beef-producing families and associated companies dedicated to the future of Iowa’s beef industry. ICA’s mission is “Grow Iowa’s beef business through advocacy, leadership and education."

The Stewards of the Land Project is intended to improve grazing practices in Iowa while simultaneously providing environmental benefits, such as improved soil health and water quality. The project is grant funded by the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) with additional support from the Iowa Cattlemen's Association, the Iowa Cattlemen's Foundation, and Prairie Creek Seed.