President's Council

Established in 1987 as a special group of select, allied-industry companies dedicated to the beef industry, the Iowa Cattlemen's Association President's Council makes an investment in the future of Iowa's beef industry.

Each member gives $5,000 annually for the development of special long-term programs, educational activities, leadership training and broad-based informational programs which normally fall outside the Iowa Cattlemen's Association's membership supported budget.

The President's Council establishes a communications link between Iowa's cattle producers and our participating companies. Through tours, events and seminars, ICA members have the opportunity to touch base with this elite group of businesses, which are all interested in the future of cattle producers.

If you are interested in becoming an ICA President's Council member, please email Adair Lents, Director of Industry Relations, or call 515-296-2266.

The list below are current members of the ICA President's Council. 

2020 President's Council members

Friend of the Industry Boosters

Boosters are county cattlemen’s associations, companies and individuals who support the Iowa cattle industry beyond the basic membership level.

County Cattlemen's Associations

Chickasaw County Cattlemen

Crawford County Cattlemen

Ida County Cattlemen

Mills-Montgomery County Cattlemen

Polk County Cattlemen

Companies and Individuals:

C&J Construction

Community Bank- Holstein & Nevada

Deluxe Animal Health

Humboldt Mutual Insurance Association

K C Nielsen Ltd

Kunafin The Insectary

Lytton Farm Equipment, Mike Penniman

Midwest PMS, LLC