Euken-Myers Family Region 3 Environmental Stewardship Award Program Winners

| November 5, 2020

Contact: Jackie Ditsworth, Graphic Designer, Iowa Cattlemen's Association, (515)296-2266.

Located in Lewis, Iowa the Euken-Myers family runs a cow-calf operation, feedlot and row-crop farm. Randy and Jill Euken along with their daughter and son-in-law Michelle and Steve Myers have a long family history of being a part of a row-crop and cattle farm. More than 100 years later Michelle and Steve are the 5th generation in the family to earn a living from the farm.

Randy and Jill’s goal has always been to raise livestock and crops successfully enough to pass the farm to the next generation. To accomplish this goal, the family had to look at the challenges they face and put sustainable practices into place that would make them successful. 

The Euken’s focused on decreasing erosion on farmland, improving soil quality, maximizing use of feedlot nutrients, purchasing manure from neighboring cattle farmers, reducing run-off in their feedlot, and improving pasture management to increase the carrying load of their land.

The family has been able to see their accomplishments and measure their success through the years. Since changing their management style, they have seen improvements in soil health, weaning weights have increased and their carbon footprint at the feedlot has decreased.

“Being a leader in conservation means being willing to try new things and explore ideas that might not yet be popular,” said Bill Northey, Former Secretary, Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship. “As pioneers of conservation, the Euken family embodies the spirit of what it means to be good stewards.”

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