ICA Policy

The Iowa Cattlemen's Association policy committees are comprised of members who have either personally contacted the ICA office requesting to be added to a committee, or whose names have been submitted by their county president. All members of the association are welcome and encouraged to serve as committee members. All regular (any person, family, firm, association, corporation, or partnership engaged in cattle production in Iowa) ICA members have the right to vote on policy issues. The Iowa Cattlemen's Association's greatest strength is the involvement of its members in decision making. One of the best ways to have a part in that process is to serve on policy committees.

The three ICA policy committees are Beef Product Committee, Business Issues Committee, and Cattle Production Committee.

Policy Handbook

The policy handbook is used as a reference by ICA staff in determining the ICA position on issues and the course of action based on these guidelines from the general membership.

For more information, or a copy of the ICA Policy Handbook, please contact the ICA office, 515-296-2266.

Download the 2016 ICA Policy Handbook.