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ICA Dunlap Sale - March 28, 2018 

For thirty plus years, the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association has provided third party verified performance bulls through our Symbol of Excellence Performance Bull and Heifer Sales. Annually, we invite seedstock producers from across the state and beyond to test their genetic bull power against others.  And in the end, bulls that make the three sales at Bloomfield, Dunlap and Knoxville better express their prepotent potential to sire more pounds of calf and more. 

This group of 35 Dunlap sale bulls started as a group of 48.  Yes, that’s right, when you purchase a bull from this year’s sale, you can take comfort in the fact that we’ve already started the selection sort before you get to the auction.  In addition to being registered with a breed association, ICA Symbol of Excellence bulls must pass the muster of the following qualifications during and after the commercial feedyard test phase.

  • Minimum ADG ratio of 90.
  • Minimum 1,100-pound adjusted yearling weight.
  • Minimum 11.5-square inch ultrasound ribeye area measurement.
  • Must pass a breeding soundness exam with a minimum 32-centimeter scrotal circumference measurement.
  • Must rank in the upper 80% for average daily gain amongst their breed contemporary group.

We’re developing herdsires, not fat steers...

While comparative analysis is important, we strive to balance actual performance on-test with the more important economic factors of bull potency and longevity.  The sale group of yearling bulls averaged 3.51 pounds of gain per day on test.  More important than the comparisons on gain within the group, these bulls are range and pasture ready for spring/summer service - both reproductively and structurally.   

Pedigree performance matters…

Take a look at the performance stacked into the pedigrees for the bulls offered for sale. In the yearling bulls alone, nearly half of the bulls rank in the upper 25% of their breed for WW & YW EPDs. And if calving ease is a consideration in your selection crieteria, there are no doubt several throughout the sale that balance this low maintenance trait with ranking tallies in growth and maternal as well.  


The Iowa Cattlemen's Association takes the guesswork out of bull buying and measures what matters. By bringing in candidates from across the state and midwest and placing them in test together, you can rest assured your purchase will more likely bring proven outcomes through your next set of feeder calves. 

A big thank you to Amstutz Cattle Company for their support and work on developing the yearling bulls.  From an animal health standpoint we are greatly appreciative of the consultation from Audubon Manning Veterinary Clinic and the pharmaceutical support from ICA President’s Council member - Zoetis.  And of course, we need to thank the consignors that have again offered such high-quality seedstock. Whether it's pedigrees represented, feed and ration, development strategies or maintaining the best overall health of all the cattle historically, we are indebted to our partners.   

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