Stewards of the Land

Cover Crop Resources

Grazing cover crops can improve soil health, water quality, and profitability. Below you will find several resources for cattle producers interested in utilizing cover crops.

USDA NRCS Iowa Agronomy Technical Note #38 - Cover Crop Management, April 2016

Includes cover crop benefits, site preparation & weed control, seeding, termination, seeding rates, planting dates, a map of planting zones, examples of diverse crop mixes for specific concerns (compaction, nitrogen, grazing, erosion control, etc.)

NRCS Cover Crops: A Guide for Iowa Producers

Includes a helpful chart with a variety of cover crops and their seeding dates, rates, depth, establishment techniques, best uses, and management information

RMA Fact Sheet on Cover Crops and Crop Insurance - May 2016

NEW 2016 guidelines allow insurance on cash crops following cover crops, if proper termination guidelines are followed

Herbicide use and Grazing Cover Crops - Iowa State University

Includes information on safe herbicides to use when grazing cover crops.

NRCS Cover Crops Job Sheet



Cover Crops in the Iowa Cattleman Magazine

Cover Crops and Cattle - Ingredients for Success (July 2017) Karl Dallefeld, Prairie Creek Seed, offers advice to producers who want to use cover crops.

Capitalizing on Cover Crops with the Cowherd (July 2017) Erika Lundy, Beef Extension Specialist, Iowa Beef Center, gives an overview of cover crops.

What's your Cover Crop story? (July 2017) Six ICA members share their experiences with cover crops and cattle.

Record Yields from the Bottom Up using No-Till, Cover Crops (July 2017) This article features Kevin, Jason and Kyle Prevo of Bloomfield and the conservation practices they've used on their row-crop and cow/calf operation.

Are Cover Crops an Opportunity for a New Stocker Industry? (July 2017) Iowa Beef Center director, Dan Loy, discusses the forage value of cover crops in his monthly column.

Collaborative Conservation between a Cow-Calf, Feedlot and Row-Crop Operation (April 2017) This year's Iowa Environmental Stewardship Award Winners utilize cover crops as an important conservation and forage tool on their farm.


Prairie Creek Seed, ICA President's Council member and Stewards of the Land partner, will donate 5 cents back to the Iowa Cattlemen's Association for every pound of forage and cover crop seed sold. Visit for more information. 

The Stewards of the Land Program is intended to improve grazing practices in Iowa while simultaneously providing environmental benefits, such as improved soil health and water quality. The program is grant funded by the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) with additional support from the Iowa Cattlemen's Association, the Iowa Cattlemen's Foundation and Prairie Creek Seeds.