The Iowa Cattlemen's Association works to grow Iowa's beef business through advocacy, leadership and education.

The Iowa Cattlemen's Association is an organization of nearly 10,000 Iowa beef-producing families and associated companies dedicated to the future of Iowa's beef industry. At ICA, we connect you to the resources that help you grow your beef business.

County Cattlemen's Associations

The grassroots of the ICA is its county organizations. There are 97 active county organizations involved in a wide variety of activities throughout the year. These activities include identifying regulatory issues that can either help or hinder Iowa cattle farmers; taking part in promotional activities such as grilling beef products at local events, and educational efforts for producers and youth such as sponsoring market outlook meetings or scholarship opportunities.

ICA Membership 

There are two types of ICA memberships. A Producer Membership is reserved for those active in cattle production. This includes cow-calf production, backgrounders, feedyards, and seedstock producers.

Friend of the Industry Membership is for those people and businesses that are supporters of the beef cattle industry. This includes retired producers, input suppliers, restaurants, and those who appreciate the economic value cattle production brings to their communities.

Join 'The Voice' of the Iowa Beef Industry

At the state level, ICA has three primary missions:

1. individual member services

2. communications

3. legislative and regulatory influence

ICA is also associated with the National Cattlemen's Beef Association that works on national issues of interest to the beef industry.

The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association provides cattle producers the opportunity to join forces and speak with one voice about a variety of issues, including regulatory ones. Members also provide input on educational needs, ICA services, and a social network for farmers who have a common goal – strengthening Iowa’s beef cattle business.

For "Strength in Numbers," join the Iowa Cattlemen's Association and be a part of "The Voice" for your beef industry. 



ICA members are kept informed about state legislative and regulatory issues and marketing rules through the policy newsletter, regional and district meetings, and the Iowa Cattleman magazine. Currently, ICA is focused on the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers Waters of the US (WOTUS) Rule, cattle market volatility, the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy and protecting Iowa's fence law.

“As cattle producers, we have one organization solely dedicated to telling our story, advocating for our families, and keeping us informed and involved in the policy of tomorrow at a state level and beyond. That’s the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association.” - Dan Hanrahan



ICA members that raise their hands to be more involved in leadership have several opportunities to grow their leadership skills from a hands-on perspective. ICA leadership opportunities include the Young Cattlemen’s Leadership Program, ICA board of directors, grassroots committees, county leaders, and special task force groups.

“YLCP was a nice opportunity to meet some younger people in the cattle industry – people from all areas of the state and all sectors of the industry – from seedstock to cow-calf to feedlot operators. But the biggest benefit to the program is that it made me realize that there’s more to the cattle industry than just feeding cattle. It opened my eyes to everything that goes on behind the scenes at ICA on our behalf. And it’s important that my generation become active and involved. If we want the cattle industry to stay strong for decades to come, we need to work together to make that happen.” - Nick Knepper



Continual improvement is necessary for any business to remain successful, and that is true
in the cattle industry. ICA provides educational programs for its members to strengthen their individual businesses as well as the cattle industry as a whole. Educational programs include Cow Calf Forums, Feedlot Forums, BeefMeets and a strategic partnership with the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers.

“ICA keeps everybody in touch the ever-changing environmental rules and regulations. And the networking you get to do with other producers… whether it’s younger guys like myself facing the same challenges or a more established producer, that networking is really helpful.” - Dan Martin



Strategic Priorities & Goals

Represent ICA Members
Goal: Be the definitive voice of the Iowa beef industry.

Have a Legislative and Regulatory Presence
Goal: Influence the outcome of government actions to the most positive outcome for cattle producers.

Support Leadership Development of Members
Goal: Strengthen the leadership capacity of ICA members with a special emphasis on developing young leaders.

Provide Staff Support to County Affiliates
Goal: Develop tools and training for county affiliates to effectively implement local activities.