Young Cattlemen's Leadership Program

The Young Cattlemen's Leadership Program consists of a series of educational sessions designed to develop leadership qualities in young cattle farmers. ICA intends to have action-packed agendas for each session that touch on key beef cattle industry topics as well as to enhance leadership skills.

Applications for the program are due Oct. 1 prior to the start of the program year. You can fill out the application electronically or print and fill out by hand. The costs to attend essentially are your time and travel. Once at the sessions, hotels, food, etc. are covered by ICA sponsors.

The tentative schedule for the 2015 program is:

  • Jan. 27-28 - Ames, Legislative Focus
  • Mar. 5-6 - Ames, Leadership Focus
  • June 10-11 - Ames, Policy Focus
  • Aug. 29-30 - Ames, Production Focus
  • December 8-9 - Iowa Cattle Industry Convention, Des Moines


Here is the schedule the 2014 YCLP class participated in:

• January 29-30, Ames/Des Moines
• March 7-8, Ames
• June 10-11, ICA Summer Policy Conference, Ames
• August 22-23, Industry Tour
• December 2014 Iowa Cattle Industry Convention


If you have questions about YCLP, contact Justine Stevenson.