Date: 12/13/2016 12:00:00 AM

Title: Mike Cline, Elgin, to lead Iowa Cattlemen's Association

AMES - The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association welcomed a new president at their annual meeting on December 10 in Ames.

Mike Cline is a fifth generation cattle producer. He attended Iowa State University for one year before returning to his family farm to live out his passion of beef calf production. Cline, along with his wife Linda, operate a crop and Angus based commercial cow-calf herd in Fayette and Clayton counties in Northeast Iowa.  

Cline first became involved with the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association in 1993 by attending the Young Cattlemen’s Leadership Program, which still plays a vital part in the association today.  Since 2008, Cline has been a member of the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association board of directors. He has served as chairman of the Beef Products policy committee and for the past two years has served as president-elect.  

Before agreeing to serve on the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association board of directors, Cline had been elected in 1993 to the Iowa Beef Industry Council (IBIC) Board. While on the IBIC board he served in all officer positions and also represented Iowa on the National Cattlemen’s Board of Directors and the US Meat Export Federation. In 2001, Cline was appointed to the Cattlemen’s Beef Board where he served two years on their Executive Committee and two years on the Operating Committee. 

Cline believes that we need to continue to position Iowa cattle producers as a source of high quality beef, using environmentally safe production practices. As economies grow around the world, so will the demand for our high end product. While environmental regulations and other policies need our constant attention, Cline believes that, “Access to international markets is key for continued growth in Iowa’s beef industry.” 

Working together with the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association members and board of directors, Cline will lead the association for the next year.


About the Iowa Cattlemen's Association: The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association represents nearly 10,000 beef-producing families and associated companies dedicated to the future of Iowa’s beef industry. ICA’s mission is “Grow Iowa’s beef business through advocacy, leadership and education.”

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