Legislative Priorities

The Iowa Cattlemen's Association presently has three policy-making committees that deal with legislative or regulatory issues and work to recommend policy for ICA. These committees are all chaired by volunteers who are knowledgeable of the issues and have a strong desire to improve the environment for the cattle industry in Iowa.

The policy-making committees meet during the year to discuss pertinent issues. The committees also meet during the annual meeting to recommend policy, which is then voted on by the full membership at the annual business meeting. Policies adopted by the association give direction to the Board of Directors, Executive Committee and staff for the coming year. All these groups work to enforce, improve or change legislation to support our policies through the year.

2018 policies were set at the Iowa Cattlemen's Association Policy Committee Meetings and Annual Meeting in December 2017.

The new, amended and renewed policies have been added to the 2018 ICA Policy Handbook.


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