Legislative Efforts

The 2015 Iowa Legislative Session

The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association has adopted policy on many issues, but will especially focus on these key issues during the 87th General Assembly of the Iowa Legislature.

Increased funding for Iowa’s rural road infrastructure – SUCCESSFUL. SF 257 was signed by Governor Terry Branstad on Feb. 25, 2015, and the 10-cent increase went into effect March 1, 2015. ICA worked for the passage of this bill since bridges and roads that are traveled regularly by Iowa farmers need attention. There have been continuous delays in addressing the shortfall in transportation infrastructure. Dollars raised through the bill will be a start to making necessary repairs and improvements.

A livestock truck wash bill – SUCCESSFUL. HF 583, was introduced by Representative Mike Sexton of Rockwell City and signed by Governor Branstad on May 1. Requirements to constructing and maintaining a truck was are now similar to that of open feedlots from an effluent perspective. The new law will expedite the process to obtaining a Livestock Truck Wash permit. As the EPC makes new rules for Livestock Truck Washes, they will have to abide code language that states Iowa open feedlot rules are to be no more stringent than federal rules.

Increased funding for the ISU Ag Experiment Stations – There are over 750 active research projects underway at the Iowa State University Ag Experiment Stations around the state. This research is the basis for many farm management issues that help all Iowa, including efforts to protect the water as well as new management practices that improve livestock production.  ICA supports the ISU request for an increase in its budget of $1.038 million, for a total request of $30.9 million. The Governor has this appropriation in his proposed budget, but no budget bills have been proposed from the House or Senate.

This would include increased funding for Iowa Livestock Health Advisory Council (ILHAC). Currently, ILHAC is allocated just $200,000 to split among pork, dairy, beef, sheep and poultry research projects. ICA wants an increase in this funding to address these priority cattle diseases for Iowa: Trichomoniasis, Digital Dermatitis, Animal Well-being, and Bovine Respiratory Disease/Mycoplasma Bovis.

Trained labor force to work in the beef industry – ICA is asking the Iowa Legislature to support efforts that will increase collaboration between community colleges and post-secondary ag schools to develop curriculum and outcomes that would provide hands-on training for student in cattle production. ICA also supports increasing the skills and numbers of vet tech practitioners who use reproductive ultrasound. The Iowa Legislature can take action to encourage the Iowa Veterinarian Medical Association, the Iowa State University Department of Animal Science, the ISU Vet College, and the Iowa Department of Ag and Land Stewardship to work together in developing reasonable and effective training and certification for vet tech practitioners.

Read how some of the bills that ICA watched in the 2014 session turned out.


The basis for ICA legislative activities

Producers have a voice in setting priorities and developing policy to support Iowa's cattle industry. ICA policies are developed at the ICA Annual Meeting and the policies are taken before the Iowa Legislature or the National Cattlemen's Beef Association Annual Convention. These policies result in new programs, laws or regulations that improve the state and national business climate for the beef industry.

Here is ICA policy for 2015:

Beef Product
• Business Issues
Cattle Production

You can also download the current ICA Policy Book.