ICA Policy Adoption

Policy adopted by the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association provides direction for the ICA Board of Directors, ICA Executive Committee and ICA Staff. These groups work to improve or change rules, regulations and legislation direction.

The ICA annual meeting is held during the ICA annual convention. There, Policy Directives and Resolutions are drafted, then presented at the annual meeting. At that time, more discussion takes place and a final vote is held on whether a policy or directive will be adopted.

The ICA Board of Directors also has authority to adopt interim policy when needed. Interim policy is discussed at policy meetings at the annual convention, and brought to the annual meeting for a vote.

The three policy committees/areas and the 2015 Policy adopted at the December 2014 ICA Annual meeting are Beef Product, Business Issues, and Cattle Production. There is also an Administrative Services area for issues regarding ICA operations.