Carcass Challenge

Growing Leaders

Goals of the Carcass Challenge are:

• to help young ICA leaders build relationships

• create educational opportunities

• have some fun

• non-dues revenue generator

Carcass quality is influenced by everyone who has a hand in the growth of the steer, from seedstock provider to cow-calf producer to backgrounder and feedyard manager.

The Iowa Cattlemen's Association (ICA) is sponsoring the ICA Carcass Challenge, which is being spearheaded by participants in the Young Cattlemen’s Leadership Program. The YCLP class will be meeting with their local and near-by county associations to explain the program and recruit donated steers that will go head-to-head in the competition. Their input will also be used to develop educational activities related to production and carcass quality.

Why to Donate Today

Step up now to donate a steer, challenge a friend, and get the competition started! Don’t wait for a YCLP member to contact you.

The money raised through the ICA Carcass Challenge is used to fund educational programming, such as Heifer Development; provide leadership development, such as YCLP; and advocate for cattle producers through Cattlemen at the Capitol and developing an environmental self-assessment for mid-size cattle operations.

There will be two top five awards. One top five is based on the Carcass Value per Day on Feed formula and the other top five based on the carcass merit formula. There will also be cash prizes for highest average daily gain (ADG), largest ribeye area (REA), top marbling score and the chef award (12” to 14” ribeye with the highest marbling score.)

Donors will be invited to all educational events, and will receive updates about the progress of their donated steers.

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